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Peace, love and Light

Yoga me BLAC


Welcome Akwaaba Hotep Karibu Bienvenido

Taminka is a Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor and a 200 hr RYT. A practicing yogi since 2007 she began her teaching career in Barcelona Spain with YogaBody in 2018. She continues to self-educate receiving her certification in  Shamatha meditation in 2019 and becoming a Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor in Jamaica in 2020. She established Yoga me BLAC to open up access to liberating and conscious yoga practice to people of color

Breath | Wellness | Elevation | Liberation

Our mission  is to make the practice of yoga accessible, attainable and enjoyable for people of color by empowering students to enhance their mind and body awareness following a holistic method. We strive to mentally elevate students to be liberated and conscious through the mindful practice of yoga. We intend to increase self-realization, self-development and self-confidence in Black youth by encouraging healthy habits to promote emotional balance and inner harmony.


Full moon flow

Mind shift

Every month when the moon cycles you have the chance to reset
Your soul is infinite... you create your own limitations and restrictions but now you can release all that do not serve you


Therapeutic Thursday

Controlled Concentration

Experience African yoga for the breath, body and soul 
This Kemetic Yoga SESH'ion' enhances self-awareness, raise the consciousness and promote energy cultivation 
Kemetic Yoga is a way to reclaim  your identify

Yoga at Home

Satisfied Clients

People often ask me how yoga can benefit their lives. As an active Yoga Instructor, I see yoga as an individual practice that affects everyone differently. Read about the importance of yoga through these testimonials.

Brittany Deans

"I went to my first yoga class because I was looking for something to help with my anxiety. My favorite things about attending classes with Yoga me BLAC is the culture, the vibe and taking class with friends. Yoga is teaching me to be still, calm and connect with my inner self."

"However long the night, the dawn will break"

African Proverb


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